Contact/Reserve Tour

                                             Sílvio Medina – (owner and operator of Tours of Flores)
To contact us or reserve a tour / transfer please call or email:
Para nos contatar ou reservar o passeio / transfere, por favor telefonar ou por email:
Sílvio Medina
Phones/Telefones: +351 918 804 210
Phones/Telefones: +351 926 532 014
Serviços de táxi / passeios turistícos de 1 a 8 pessoas:
(Licença N. 002 – CAP N.1204)
Táxi services / island tours for 1 to 8 persons:
(License N. 002 – CAP N.1204)
Monte, Santa Cruz das Flores 9970-265 Flores – Azores – Portugal 





2 thoughts on “Contact/Reserve Tour

  1. Silvio, Flores is great, the taxi driver fantastic, muito obrigado! If you want, we can send you some pictures of our trip……you know me? Middel of septembre me an my wife were at the island of Flores!

  2. Hello,
    I am in the process of booking a holiday to The Azores in August next year and we are looking for a full or half day tour of the island of Flores.
    Would you please email me the prices of your island tours as soon as possible please and do they go daily?
    Many thanks

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