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– “Silvio Medina showed us the best of his Island!

-Anna B

I had the luck to find Silvio at the airport on my first day in Flores, from that moment on I felt taken care and got the opportunity to discover the best of the island in terms of insight spots, trekking, full of delightful commentary from this expert guide which is not only an excellent driver but a totally passionate Florentino in love with his island and proud to show the best to the foreigners and let them experience the best in the time available. I suggest to make a plan with Silvio on hikes and places to see and decide where to go depending on your time and the weather. Silvio is very professional in terms of excellent English spoken, good advices on stops and restaurants and he can drop you off on the best hikes as well as show you the top spots of Flores. definitely recommended to spend time and time wisely!


-Sofia F

I had only one and half day in Flores. I was thinking of renting a car at the beginning, but at the end I felt so lucky that I chose the service Tours of Flores. Silvio is very kind and very professional, he knows every thing of this island. He knows at what time which part of the island will be foggy, which part will be sunny, where is the best point of views……. so we always visited the correct places at the correct time. I am afraid if I arranged the schedule by myself, I would wast a lot of time since the weather was so unstable. We visited all the beautiful lakes, waterfalls, shores and villages, it was a really great experience. And now, Flores becomes my favorite destination, after visiting more than 30 countries!


He estado 4 días en esta espectacular Isla, acompañado en mis traslados, así como en un half tour por Silvio Medina. La experiencia ha sido más que satisfactoria. Aunque el tiempo no acompañó en mi visita, los lugares y parajes de este paraiso en mitad del atlántico, merecen mucho la pena. Más que recomendable.


-John and Veronica

We were given a wonderful tour by Silvio and although we were unable to view all the lakes because of low cloud, Silvio insisted on picking us up the following day to try again, prior to our hike which he arranged for us. We had a lovely two days and learnt much about this beautiful island. We thoroughly recommend Silvio as a guide and feel we have made a new friend.

– Juborka

I had a wonderful full day tour guided by Silvio (Tours of Flores). All the main attractions and sight seeing points on Flores we visited in one day. Silvio knows the best places worth visiting on the island. I had a very nice day thanks to him. The best sight for me was Poco do Alagoinha. It is amazing and a life time memory.


– K. S., New York, USA

 Flores is the gem of The Azores. Small, easy to get around, filled with great cottage rentals, quiet walking trails festooned with waterfalls. Amazing flowers and geology to see. Faja Grande feels like the end of the earth. Waterfalls shoot over the high steep cliffs into the sea, as if the water is falling off of the flat earth. Silvio of Toursofflores was a great guide and driver. He is perfect in English, very well versed in everything Flores, and went out of his way to be sure we saw everything we wanted to see at the best times! Driving in and out of the mists. He also showed us a fantastic cottage to stay in while we where there. Great guy! Perfect Island peacefull and natural.

If you are visiting Flores for the first time, or a return visitor, I highly recommend Silvio’s tour of the Island. His tour highlights the most beautiful parts of the island including breathtaking coastal views, quaint and charming villages, historic churches, and even local cuisine. Even though we could not speak the Portuguese language, Silvio’s handle of the English language was wonderful, and he was even able to translate for us on several occasions. Since our group was small we were able to customize the island tour to our interests, and Silvio was happy to spend as much time as we needed in any location. Our trip to Flores was certainly memorable, and we cannot wait for our return visit.

-Maribeth B., Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

“We have visited Flores twice so far and find it one of the most beautiful of the Azores Islands. We were lucky to have been recommended Silvio as our guide. Silvio has a very pleasant personality, his is friendly and polite, his English is very good, his knowledge of the island is perfect so that he could show us the most interesting aspects of the Island and even some hidden parts of it. Silvio is also a very good and careful driver and each time we took a tour with him we felt very secure and could enjoy our trips to the full. We definitely ask Silvio to be our guide on our next visit.”

 -Gabriela and Alfred

In September we spent some days on Flores and Silvio was our guide. He showed us the most beautiful parts of Flores and had a lot of ideas, even when the weather wasn’t so good. We appreciated him very much and can recommend him in any case. Silvio knew, where the good restaurants are and he knows a lot more. If we would visit Flores again, Silvio has to be our guide!!

-Maria van de Vlekkert and Rolf Hefti, Lausen, Switzerland

We first toured Flores with Silvio when he was 18 years old, and were some of his very first clients. He was, and is, a great driver and a knowledgeable tour guide. He also speaks fluently in English. We have returned to this beautiful Island several times over the years, and always with Silvio as our guide and friend. His photos show you a little of the beauty, but being there and seeing it for yourself is an unforgettable experience.


Caro Sílvio, You were my tour guide — par excellence! — for two half-days on Flores in mid-June 2002. Although you showed me all of the island, we concentrated on Fajãzinha and Fajã Grande, where I suspected (and have since confirmed) my Flores ancestors were from. I’ve recommended you to friends who were planning visits to Flores. 

– Kathie

Silvio, Flores is great, the taxi driver fantastic, muito obrigado! If you want, we can send you some pictures of our trip……you know me? Middel of septembre me an my wife were at the island of Flores!

Guido Spohr



12 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Mario Arrigo Rimbaldo and Vincenzo Rivaroli – Italy – luglio 2013
    we appreciated the friendliness and professionalism of Silvio who accompanied us to discover the beauty of Flores. Silvio thanks.Hope to see you again.

  2. What an amazing place! The Jewel of The Azores. Silvio was the perfect guide…he has vast knowledge of all things Flores! He speaks great English…is prompt and fun! He really went out of his way to take us to the places we wanted to see at the right times of day to enjoy the sights at their peaks.
    Dont miss Flores…and when there Silvio is the GO TO GUY for sure.
    Thank you Silvio for a great time!
    Kevin and Alex New York

  3. Silvio did an amazing job of showing us this beautiful and remote island this August! He can arrange everything for you and speaks fluent English. Thanks Silvio! Eva, Pedro and family. Cascais, Portugal

  4. O Silvio foi sempre muitíssimo pontual e prestável. Guia competente, informado e simpático. Aconselho vivamente.

  5. Bonjour, Flores la magnifique peut (doit?) se découvrir à pied, comme les promenades vont d’un point à un autre, sans la possibilité de faire facilement des boucles, la location d’une voiture pose plus de problème qu’elle n’en résout. Dans ce contexte, utiliser les taxis de l’île est la bonne solution, et utiliser les services de Silvio Médina est la solution optimale. Toujours ponctuel, très serviable et possédant tous les secrets de l’île, nous souhaitons le recommander vivement aux futurs chanceux qui visiteront ce petit paradis. j’avais pris contact avec lui depuis la France et nous avons fait connaissance à peine descendu de l’avion.

  6. Our car got cancelled a few hours before we got to Flores. We decided to just look for our Air bnb and plan our trip from there. As soon as we got out of the airport Silvio was standing with his van. Just kindly asking if we needed a ride and what we wanted to see on the island. At that point we had no clue, so Silvio gave us his number and he was very open about the prices. Which were very fair by the way. We felt like we could trust him and gave him a call later that night to see what he could do, since we did not know the island. He came with a few hiking options which were very clear to us right away and we choose to go with his recommendations. We did not regret it one bit! Silvio ended up driving us to several places for the five days we were on the island. Our trip would not have been the same Without him. He made moving around on the island way easier then we thought it could be. Thank you Silvio!

    • Thank you very much!

      It was a pleasure, glad that you enjoyed your stay here on Flores. Do visit again and I will be here to be your driver 🙂
      All the best and take care.

  7. Silvio provided 2 full days of tours for me. If I could rate him higher than 5 stars I would. He made the trip I waited 20 years to take amazing. Very professional, excellent English, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. As a Senior lady I appreciated his kindness in providing a footstool and assistance as needed. He never rushed me and made sure I saw everything I hoped to. Thank you for the wonderful tours of Flores. I will be back. God Bless you

    • Thank you Kathleen,

      It was a pleasure being your driver and guide on Flores island. I am happy that you enjoyed the tours, do visit again.
      Take care and all the best.

  8. My wife and I came to the Azores to celebrate our honeymoon. One leg of our adventure was on Flores, and we made an excellent choice to have Silvio provide us firstly with travel service, but also with tours. He showed us so many magical spots and little gems. He also has a great deal of knowledge of the islands and showed us his genuine love for the islands. Definitely a memorable experience and one that we will talk about for years to come.

  9. My wife and I came to the Azores to celebrate our honeymoon. One leg of our adventure was on Flores, and we made an excellent choice to have Silvio provide us firstly with travel service, but also with tours. He showed us so many magical spots and little gems. He also has a great deal of knowledge of the islands and showed us his genuine love for the islands. Definitely a memorable experience and one that we will talk about for years to come.

    • Thank you Dan and Linds!
      It was a pleasure being your driver and guide on the island, glad that you enjoyed Flores island.

      All the best, and hope someday you will visit again.

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